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Jesse James’ Blacked Out Chevy Silverado

Jesse James may be going through a shit storm right now but at least his truck is up for it!  Look at the grill guard. I'm guessing you'd call this a baja-styled Chevrolet Silverado.

Jesse James' Baja-Styled Chevrolet Silverado

Jesse James' Baja-Styled Chevrolet Silverado Up Close

22 Responses to Jesse James’ Blacked Out Chevy Silverado

  1. Devster says:

    Prerunner style

  2. sunbeam says:

    i was going to slate him for his ridiculous looking car and how uncool it was, but actually i thought about it and if he was dressed like that stepping out of a maserati gran turismo or ferrari 458, it would be almost criminal.

    his silly looking silverado kind of goes with his outfit, so thank you mr james for not sullying a prestige marque with your presence in one, especially when you are dressed like a 1930′s hobo.

  3. cars for sale jacksonville says:

    But the car is cool and I think not so usual. Maybe we should always look on the positive side of things.

  4. TheGhostofTigerWoods says:

    cool car but he’s still a dick

  5. xyz says:

    what a douche bag he is

  6. jd says:

    i think hes truck looks bad ass just like him

  7. dresses says:

    Nice post and we will look forward for future updates.ergreihj

  8. arniggan says:

    Personally, i don’t like him. However, i’d have to agree that the car IS pretty unusual and would definitely merit looks… i mean if he’s into that sorta thing. huge menacing truck with badass wheelywheels. catch people stare as he drives by.

  9. Bsnl broadband says:

    Wow i like car,it really atrracted me,anyway keep up good work

  10. Aaron says:

    the Chevy truck has evolved a lot in few decades with major engine and performance changes. The interior have been upgraded a lot. A very good pickup truck of all time. The mpg is also very good as compared to other trucks. The 5.3 Engine yields a great performance

  11. Chevrolet repair says:

    This Chevrolet Silverado probably rocks the street when it passes by. A very cool car. It probably a lot of fun to do your own repairs on a truck like that.

  12. burberry outlet says:

    personally,i am agree with what you said!thank you

  13. antwan says:

    hey where can i get a baja body kit like that for my chevy????

  14. P90x Workout says:

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  15. ECU remapping says:

    What a waste. With all that styling and accessorizing to make his truck look like an off-road terror the cleanliness of this 4-door ‘pleasure’ pick-up tells the true tale.

  16. Peter says:

    Jesse James’s Chevrolet just looks like such a powerful vehicle decked out in black. He must have sent it to some specialist to do it up.

  17. engine tuning says:

    cool car

  18. Rudy G says:

    This guy is still around, man what a has been. I guess hes still cool in most trailer parks.

  19. paul c says:

    like everything else he builds……looks like s—!!!! :)this truck has NO style…to me its plain jane….

  20. brian. says:

    is the grille guard custom made or can it be purchased through a company

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