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David Beckham Loads Up The Range Rover

David Beckham loads up the back of their blacked out Range Rover after hitting the soccer field with his two youngest boys.

David Beckham Range Rover

David Beckham: Classy Motorcycle Guy

David Beckham is a classy guy — even when he’s riding the open air on his motorcycle.

David Beckham Motorcycle

David Beckham Motorcycle

David Beckham Gets Tough On His Motorcycle

Would you really expect anything less from a guy like David Beckham? It’s not secret that David loves his cars and his bikes but I don’t think we’ve ever actually spotted him on his bike before. Just the other day, Beckham took the bad ass blacked out motorcycle for a solo spin through Malibu. What do you think of the bike?

David Beckham Motorcycle

David Beckham Motorcycle

Source: X17 Online

David Beckham – Rolling His Matte Gray Camaro

David Beckham's Matte Gray Camaro

David Beckham is a man of style and kicking your Porsche Turbo to the curb for a Chevrolet Camaro is one good way to show off!  I’m pretty surprised that he stayed with the “matte” theme as it’s getting a little played out but either way he’s got enough money that it really doesn’t matter.  The car was built by Platinum Motorsport and until now we weren’t prepared to bring it up as we wanted proof that Beckham was really driving it!  Well thanks to X17 we can confirm, this is David Beckham’s Camaro!

David Beckham's Camaro

Source: X17Online & Jalopnik (for beating us to the story)

Pete Wentz With His Murdered Out Rover

Pete Wentz cracks a smile as he walks away from his murdered out Range Rover. It’s really too bad that he and Ashlee aren’t together anymore but it looks like Pete is hanging on to the Rover for now. Wonder what Ashlee’s driving?

Pete Wentz Range Rover