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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out In Her Audi

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted getting out of her Audi A7 in Los Angeles earlier this week. She's been through her fair share of Audi's over the years and even though she's only had this one since early this year, it's about time for another one.

Source (Zimbio)

Mike Wolfe 1935 Auburn Cord

Mike Wolfe Picks an Auburn Cord 653 With Plan to Restore

It's always awesome to see what Mike Wolfe and Frank Frtiz come across in their travels on the show American Pickers and in a recent episode we got to see Mike Wolfe buy a 1935 Auburn Cord from a barn.  On the episode they literally take the side of a barn apart just to get the Auburn out of the barn.  The big appeal of this Auburn was that Mike felt it might have the original paint underneath the paint and by the looks of this recent photo, it appears he was right.  Mike is having the vehicle mechanically restored but he's leaving the exterior as is.

Mike Wolfe 1935 Auburn Cord

Image Credit: Slotblog

Ochocinco Donk

Chad Ochocino’s Back in the Donk Game

Chad Ochocino's owned his fair share of donks in the past. Five to be exact, but over the years he sold them and hasn't had one in a while, until now. Ochocinco shared a photo on of this 1973 donk-ready convertible he just picked up and sent to the guys at Donk Planet. Here's a photo of the car before. We'll have to wait and see what the final product looks like once they're done.

Ochocinco DonkPhoto (@ochocinco)

Raisel Iglesias Lamborghini Aventador

Cincinnati Reds Player Raisel Iglesias Scores an Aventador

Raisel Iglesias Travieso is a Cuban professional baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and seems to have an affection for white cars. His latest score is a white Lamborghini Aventador which is rumored to be over at Alex Vega's Auto Firm for a little extra love.

Raisel Iglesias Lamborghini Aventador


Source: Instagram

Chris Brown Tupac Lamborghini

Chris Brown Throws Tupac Lyrics on his Lamborghini

Chris Brown's known for being pretty controversial and his cars are no exception. For example, this version, or his Hot Wheels Lamborghini, or how could we forget his first project, the jet fighter Lamborghini Gallardo and now he has another one to add to the list with Tupac lyrics painted by Tattoo Huero.

Comments on this latest look?

Chris Brown Tupac Lamborghini
Photo (@chrisbrownofficial)
Chris Brown Lamborghini Tupac Lyrics
Photo (@tattoo_huero)

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