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Tyga Lamborghini Aventador

Is Tyga Rolling in a New Lamborghini?

It's hard to tell from his captions on Instagram but from his photos, it definitely looks like Tyga bought a new matte purple Lamborghini Aventador. What do you think of matte purple on the Aventador?

Tyga Lamborghini Aventador

Tyga Lamborghini

Photos (@kinggoldchains)

P Diddy Maybach

P. Diddy Sits on The Hood of His Maybach

I guess P. Diddy decided he wanted to get in on the Instagram "sit on my car" craze because he shared this photo of himself sitting on the hood of his blacked out Maybach yesterday.

P Diddy Maybach
Photo (@iamdiddy)

Matt Damon

Matt Damon Hops Into His Cadillac

We rarely spot Matt Damon driving around but earlier this week, cameras caught him getting into his Cadillac Escalade ESV outside a gym in Los Angeles. Before this, we'd only seen Damon driving around in his Toyota Sequoia so it's nice to know he's switching it up.

Source (Zimbio)

Deadmau5 Porsche 911

Deadmau5 Gets His Porsche Stuck In The Snow

Deadmau5 recently when he shared a photo of his newly wrapped Porsche stuck in the snow outside his home. Then he made us cringe when he shared a photo of his Porsche hooked up to a snowmobile with the caption "Bad idea #2".

Deadmau5 Porsche

Deadmau5 Porsche 911

Photos (@deadmau5)

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson Puts His McLaren F1 Up For Sale

After seventeen years, 41,000 miles, two crashes, and one owner, it looks like Rowan Atkinson is preparing to part ways with his McLaren F1. There isn't an actual online listing of the car yet so we don't know the exact price tag but it's somewhere around 8 million pounds or 12 million dollars.

That's a hefty tag for a car that was once wrapped around a tree, but because of the rarity of the F1 -- only 107 were ever produced and just 64 of them were actually street cars -- it's really no surprise.

While it's hard to top a McLaren F1, Atkinson is a longtime car enthusiast so we're sure he'll add another car to his garage soon.

Rowan Atkinson McLaren
Photo By: Tim Scott
Source: Dupont Registry

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