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V6 Hybridized McLaren Artura electrocutes the Ferrari F12

Brooks from DragTimes races a McLaren Artura vs the V12 powered Ferrari F12 down the 1/4 Mile and puts down some great times.

Z06 owner bets he can beat a McLaren Artura

Direct from DragTimes, a new C8 Z06 owner bets his car can beat the McLaren Artura down the 1/4 Mile

$10M Bugatti Divo is the Quickest ICE Production Car in the World

Brooks from DragTimes brings up the first ever Bugatti Divo down the 1/4 mile and races it against a Tesla Plaid and Porsche Turbo S

DragTimes puts the Tesla Model X Plaid against the Huracan EVO

Watch Brooks from DragTimes race his Lamborghnini Huracan EVO vs the 1,020 horsepower Tesla Model X Plaid down the 1/4 Mile.

Lucid Air Dream Edition with 1,111 HP Tested down the 1/4 Mile

DragTimes tests out the all new 1,111 HP Lucid Air Dream Edition down the 1/4 Mile, worth the $170,000 price tag, and will any celebs drive it?