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Logan Paul G550 4x4

Logan Paul’s G550 4×4 w/ Snow Plow

Maria Menounos Jeep

Maria Menounos Rocking A Crazy Jeep

Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason’s Blue LaFerrari

Source: Youtube

Jerry Seinfeld Sucks at Car Photography

Back in the day when I worked at CarDomain we would always get worked up about people not getting the whole car in the frame and believe it or not there are actually books out there that teach people to properly photograph cars. 

After seeing Jerry Seinfeld’s latest acquisition via Instagram I think its apparent we need to purchase him such book and or ask Spike Feresten or one of his buddies to give him some tips on properly photographing his cars.  

Kevin Hart’s Ferrari 488

I can’t imagine how far forward Kevin has to move his seat in his new Ferrari 488 but hey, you can’t go wrong with a Ferrari!Kevin Hart Ferrari 488 Spider

Source: Instagram