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Jaden Smith Hops into Tesla Model X

Jon Olsson G500 4x4 Squared Convertible

Jon Olsson Shows a Little More of His G500 4×4 Squared Convertible

We’ve only see slight glimpses of this G500 4×4 Squared since Jon Olsson first debuted it while ripping up the beach in one of his wildly popular vlogs.  Since then we knew he was going crazy with it but I would not have guessed the wood trim somewhat like an original Rolls Royce Drophead. From the photos I’ve seen thus far I’m not in love with it but I will wait to see if it grows on me!

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DJ Envy Brought the Trailer – BMW E30 M3

DJ Envy is a real car guy. He recently started up an all new IG page and there is no hiding the fact, the dude loves cars!

This last week he swooped up a BMW E30 M3 that looks like it will go under a full restoration. Do you think Envy is a fan of Bring a Trailer? 

 DJ Envy BMW M3 e30

Spencer Pratt m3

Spencer Pratt Got An M3

It’s been a while since not only we’ve featured Spencer Pratt, but since he’s really been in the media in general. However, he and wife, Heidi Montag, have had quite the career resurgence in the past year. With that resurgence obviously comes some nice paychecks and with that, Spencer has treated himself to a brand new 4 door M3! I remember back in their heyday, Spencer drove around in an M6, so he clearly has a soft spot for Beamers and the M-performance line in general. While an M3 isn’t quite an M6, I’d still be plenty happy with one and it’s not too often anymore that we see a celeb with one.

Spencer Pratt m3

Source: Instagram

Floyd Mayweather Expands his Lineup With a Phantom Limo

It’s not everyday that we see a celebrity adding adding a customized limo to their fleet of cars, and it’s certainly not everyday that we see that limo be a Rolls Royce Phantom. But not everyone is Floyd Mayweather. The retired boxer has broadened the horizons on his TMT (“The Money Team”) lineup and customized a Phantom limo in Satin Black. It’s tough to be the judge on how I feel about this considering it feels strange to be judging a limo in the same bracket as a car, but I digress. He has the money and already has one hell of a lineup, so if he’s got the money than I guess why not go for it?

Source: Instagram