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Jesse James Loses Control Of His Ford GT – Ends Up In Neighbors Yard

According to Jalopnik, a commenter claiming to be Jesse James’ 14-year-old son said Jesse James was the one driving the car when his Ford GT crashed into his neighbors yard (a.k.a a field) last weekend. Apparently the stretch of road is pretty twisty so handling a 1000 hp super car could be a little difficult. We’re just hoping the damage to the car isn’t that bad. Really hurts to see a Ford GT like this!

Jesse definitely hasn’t been winning lately.

Jesse James Ford GT













Source: Jalopnik

Spotted: Kat Von D Running For Her Bentley

A blue haired Kat Von D and fiance Jesse James were spotted making a dash for her Bentley recently. Maybe it’s just the photo but it looks to us like her Bentley could use a good detail soon.

Kat Von D Bentley

Jesse James’ Black Friday Special Hennessey VelociRaptor 575

We all know that Jesse James can’t drive a normal car and his Hennessey built Ford Raptor is no exception. How about that for a Black Friday special!

Dyno video of the Ford Raptor after the jump.
Jesse James' Black Friday Special Hennessey VelociRaptor 575

Jesse James Rides A Mean Hog

I don’t even know what kinda of bike that is but I imagine it’s not stock and that it’s all black. What else would Jesse James ride?

Jesse James' Mean Hog

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Jesse James’ Blacked Out Chevy Silverado

Jesse James may be going through a shit storm right now but at least his truck is up for it!  Look at the grill guard. I’m guessing you’d call this a baja-styled Chevrolet Silverado.

Jesse James' Baja-Styled Chevrolet Silverado

Jesse James' Baja-Styled Chevrolet Silverado Up Close