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Jesse James’ Blacked Out Chevy Silverado

Jesse James may be going through a shit storm right now but at least his truck is up for it!  Look at the grill guard. I’m guessing you’d call this a baja-styled Chevrolet Silverado.

Jesse James' Baja-Styled Chevrolet Silverado

Jesse James' Baja-Styled Chevrolet Silverado Up Close

Broke Down Brad Pitt

Best part about being Brad Pitt is that when your custom bobber chopper breaks down on you there are always a few dozen paparazzi right behind you who are willing to give you a lift.

Brad, sorry your bike had to break down but we also know you have another 10 or so at home so we can’t feel to bad for you.

Brad Pitt Chopper

Brad Pitt Cruises On His Custom Chopper

If I didn’t know better I would say that Brad Pitt was out cruising on a hand built custom chopper which he poured his blood, sweat, and tears in but when you are as rich as Brad is he probably bought this bike and a few others while he was at it.

Either way this custom chopper looks pretty sick!

Brad Pitt's Custom Chopper