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Video of Ryan Sheckler’s Range Rover

Well we already reported that Ryan Sheckler rocks a pretty sick Range Rover but we ran across a rad video of Ryan giving a personal tour of his Rover. This video is shot long before he decided to give it the Sheckler look with the red wheels and grills but it shows off the sound system and the stereo install so enjoy!

Ryan Scheckler's Sick Range Rover

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Pamela Anderson Drives a Crisp Range Rover

Pamela Anderson is known for running down beaches and running through boyfriends but while all else is not calm, at least she feels at home in her crisp white Range Rover. And as a side note we would like to congratulate Pamela Anderson on fighting the urge to go Hollywood and sticking with the lavish Range Rover instead of a green hybrid!

Pamela Anderson, crispy in  Range Rover

Ryan Sheckler in a Custom Range Rover

Ryan Scheckler, a profession skateboarder is whipping this Range Rover at age 18.

Oh and this isn’t his only car.

At first I thought the red was tacky…. but now I dig it.

Ryan Scheckler's Custom Range Rover w/ Red Rims

Grey’s Anatomy Start Kate Walsh in her Rover

You all will know Kate Walsh best from the hit show Grey’s Anatomy where she played Dr. Sheppard, the ex-wife up Dr. McDreamy and here you can see her leaving Bel-Air in her Chili Red Range Rover Sport.

Kate Walsh in her chili red Range Rover Sport

Kate Walsh walks by her chili red Range Rover Sport