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Stephen Jackson Dips in the Range Rover Sport

Just stumbled on to tons of Stephen Jackson’s rides which is pretty awesome. While many others are dumping off their nices rides it looks like Stephen Jackson of the Golden State Warriors is just stackin em! (I think that’s how all the hip hop people say it!)

Stephen Jackson Range Rover

Kate Walsh Keeps Herself looking Good in the Range Rover Sport

Well we have seen Kate Walsh in this Range Rover Sport about as many times as we’ve seen her in the Cadillac commercial but either way we still love it. Here we catch Kate slipping into the valet area all prepped and ready to go!
Kate Walsh's Range Rover Sport

Since When Did Pete Wentz Murder Out His Range Rover

I didn’t know he had it in him but it appears that Pete Wentz went all black on his Range Rover HSE. While we here at Celebrity Cars Blog are on the same pursuit we haven’t fully transformed the around the town ride into a fully murdered out vehicle but we hope to get there within the month!

Pete Wentzs' All-Black Range Rover

Kim Kardashian is Still Without Her Bentley

Kim Kardashian seems to still be without her Bentley as she was spotted in full frumpy effect while out in her custom white and pink Range Rover. Having seen this ride in real life before I must saw its a pretty dope ride with pink Brembo cross-drilled brakes.

Kim Kardashian's Custom White and Pink Range Rover

Oh and we hear she wasn’t even talking to anyone…

Ryan Sheckler Rolls a Mercedes Benz CL Now!

Owner: Ryan Sheckler
Vehicle: Mercedes Benz CL

I would have never guessed that after Ryan unloaded his custom Range Rover that he would hop out in a black on black Mercedes Benz CL ringing in at over $100K. No word on what wheels Ryan is rolling but I must say it looked damn good. Sorry for the bad pictures, there just isn’t any out there yet. If you have more photos, please let us know.


Ryan Scheckler's Mercedes CL