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What Is This Wrestler’s Name

I love it when guys on eBay list a car as a celebrity owned but they don’t say the name. How am I to know some washed up wrestler’s name.

Batista with His Range Rover and Bentley Continental Coupe

Apparently he is unloading his Range Rover and his Bentley Continental Coupe. Who is this guy?  More pics after the jump… Continue Reading

Kiefer Sutherland, Just a Regular Old Range Rover Type of Guy

Just as I thought, Kiefer Sutherland has no personal style or quest for something rewarding. Instead he gets from point A to point B in a Range Rover.

Kiefer Sutherland Drives a Range Rover

Kendra & Hank Sportin the Rover HSE

I must admit that I watched the first episode of Kendra’s new show and they are not all that exciting of a couple. By far the coolest part of the show was that Too Short stopped by her party but besides that it appears that Hank Baskett pilots a Range Rover while Kendra pushes the Lexus IS.

Kendra & Hank Sportin the Range Rover HSE

Lala Vazquez and Her Custom Range Rover

Some celebrities have horrible style! Case and point, Lala Vasquez (question celebritism) and her custom Range Rover. Take one look at this thing and you will understand why she is selling it on eBay.

Lala Vazquez's Custom Range Rover

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Happy Birthday, Christian Audigier Style

When your dad has a crazy popular clothing brand and is also trying to open up his own motoring company, what else would you expect for your 16th birthday?

Yep, thought he would spruce up a Range Rover for his daughter Crystal Rock.

Check out Crystal Rock’s Range Rover while being shown of at SEMA show right next to Paris’s pink Bentley.

Christian Audigier gives daughter a Range Rover as a b-day present

Crystal Rock's Range Rover

Crystal Rock's Range Rover at SEMA