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Sean Kingston Adds Another Ride To His Collection

Sean Kingston doesn’t really need another car for his collection but thanks to “mama kingston” he’s joined the celebrity bandwagon with a new Range Rover. He posted a photo of himself with the Rover on his Instagram with the caption “My baby just got here!!!!.. Thank u @mamakingston1.. 1 more added to the collection”.

Sean Kingston Range Rover

Shout out to Jensen for the tip!

Connor Cruise’s New Range Rover

There are some major perks that come with being the son of Tom Cruise. Having your pick at owning any car you want is just one of them so it’s a good thing Connor Cruise seems to appreciate beautiful cars. First he was seen in a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo and now this new Range Rover at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

The new Range Rover is actually growing on me — especially the ones that celebrities have already customized, like this one here and this one too.

Connor Cruise Range Rover Connor Cruise New Range Rover


Guess Who

Can you guess who’s getting into this Range Rover?

Guess Who

Tish Cyrus’ New Range Rover

Tish Cyrus has been spotted with the new Range Rover in Los Angeles recently. In the second photo, it looks like it has matching black wheels. Between Miley and the rest of the Cyrus family they have a pretty nice collection of SUV’s!

Tish Cyrus Range Rover

Tish Cyrus Range Rover

Top 10 Cars You’ll See Celebrities Driving in 2013

Range Rover Sport Daniel Craig

Celebrities are well known for their lavish lifestyle and exuberant purchases – I mean when you have an almost ‘unlimited’ supply of cash flow any expensive purchase doesn’t really hurt your pockets or bank account.

We decided to take a look at the top 10 new cars that we think celebrities would dig deep in their pockets for to park in their driveway and show off on the next episode of MTV Cribs. Continue Reading