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Sean Kingston Riding Around In A Polaris Slingshot!?

We will start off by saying we are not a huge fan of the Polaris Slingshot. They are big and heavy and look like they are trying just a little too hard. That being said, they get A LOT of attention and provide serious cheap thrills. Especially if you decide to rent one, which is exactly what Sean Kingston did! Its weird to see a celebrity show off a ride on social media and promote the fact they are just renting it as well. Though having fun whipping around LA in a goofy 3-wheeled car without having to own it could just be the best way to have your cake and eat it too!

Sean Kingston Polaris Slingshot

Sean Kingston Slingshot

Source (@seankingston & @laslingshots)

Sean Kingston’s Range Rover Gets an Onyx Makeover

Sean Kingston shared a typical Sean Kingston photo on Instagram of him posing in front of his new Range Rover. The Rover was recently modified by Onyx Concept. What do you think of the new look?

Sean Kingston Range Rover

Sean Kingston Joins The Mercedes-Maybach Club

Celebrities are loving the new Mercedes-Maybach S600. First it was Mayweather, then Meek Mill, and now Sean Kingston.

The last time we did a story on Kingston, it was when his Lamborghini Aventador was repo’d and before that, when his Bentley was repo’d. So if this is his new S600, lets hope he’s got things figured out otherwise our next Sean Kingston story might be about the first repo’d Mercedes-Maybach.

Sean Kingston Mercedes Maybach

Sean Kingston’s Aventador Gets Repo’d!

Sean Kingston can’t catch a break these days. First, his Bentley gets gets repo’d (which resulted in a brawl), then the G-Wagon he bought his mom, and now, his Lamborghini Aventador. His white Aventador was spotted on the back of a tow truck in Hollywood earlier this week. Hopefully in this case, the third time’s a charm because his car collection is dwindling fast.

Sean Kingston Lamborghini

Shout outs to Jacob and Emkay for the tips

Oops! Sean Kingston’s Bentley Gets Repo’d

Well this is embarrassing. Sean Kingston was enjoying a night out in Los Angeles when his Bentley Mulsanne was repo’d right on Sunset Blvd. The video is really blurry so it doesn’t show a lot but you’ll get the idea. Sean was not happy to say the least!

Sean with his Bentley Mulsanne.  sean kingston bentley continental
Source (TMZ)