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Gerard Butler Apologizes For Driving A Range Rover

Okay not really and I’m really going to layoff the Range Rover antagonizing. I actually really like them but wish their value didn’t drop like a rock after months or even years of ownership.

Gerard Butler's Range Rover

Ellen Pompeo and Her Range Rover Sport

The only ride aside from a Range Rover that I would expect to see Ellen Pompeo in is a Toyota Prius. Lucky enough for me she at least made the choice of the Range Rover Sport as opposed to the HSE model.

No word on what’s in the back seat.
Ellen Pompeo and Her Range Rover Sport

Look What The Cougar Rolls

Courtney Cox has been making a nice comeback in PR and in her new show but on the Celebrity Car Blog this is her debut. Unfortunately it’s a rather lack luster whip compared to others. Just a Range Rover, go ahead and move on.

Courtney Cox Range Rover

Michael Phelps Round 2 – Range Rover

Michael Phelps may look gangster in his Mercedes SL but if you really want to be the toughest guy on the block you also need a black SUV. Looks like Phelps has the tough guys, big baller look complete with his black Range Rover and another set of awful looking wheels.

Michael Phelps Range Rover
Source: NO LIMIT INC, Baltimore, MD

Nicole Richie Rear-Ended In Her Range Rover

Apparently a paparazzi got a little close and rear-ended Nicole Richie in what looks like a Range Rover Sport. I don’t keep up with here a whole lot but last I recall she had a G-Wagon. When Your rich like a Richie I’m sure you got plenty of ride to chose from. In the meantime I don’t think she’ll be piloting a rental and who is to say she wont just get rid of this one rather than waiting for it to be fixed.

Nicole Richie Rear-Ended In Her Range Rover