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Katy Perry Stays Classy in the Audi A5

I knew I like Katy Perry for some reason and I must say great choice on the Audi A5. The Audi A5 is sophisticated and gorgeous yet it doesn’t cost 100K and it’s the right car for every occasion.

And for the record this is the second Audi A5 on the Celebrity Cars Blog. First of was BJ Novak’s A5.

Katy Perry Stays Classy in the Audi A5

Tim Allen’s Audi S8 on Ebay

Tim Allen‘s never seems to amaze me with his choice of rides. A couple year’s back it was his blacked out Z06 on eBay and now it’s his his Audi S8. If you’re in the market for an Audi a used S8 is a killer deal these days. I know I’m watching them and dreaming.

Tim Allen Audi S8

See it on eBay

John Mayer Gets Flashy In The Audi R8

Who would have guessed that John Mayer would land himself in one of the greatest sport cars on the road. What do you guys think of the Audi R8?

If you were John Mayer, what would you drive?

John Mayer Audi R8

John Mayer Gets Flashy In The Audi R8
Source: X17

Celebirty Taxi: Pam Being Taxied In An Audi

This is a new style post for us here at Celebrity Cars Blog. When we know that the said celebrity has nothing to do with the car he/she/it is climbing into, flashing us from, or getting out of then it’s a Celebrity Taxi Report.

So here it goes with Pamela Anderson Hoping out of an Audi. Not your regular Taxi but we’ll give it to her.

Pam Being Taxied In An Audi

Zac Efron Sporting The Audi S6

He may be young but at least he has style. I personally would have expected to see Zac Efron in and Audi S5 but the S6 is a serious ride as well.

Zac Efron's Audi S6