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Ben Stiller Chooses the Audi Q7 As His Celebrity Car

When you are as famous as Ben Stiller you can drive any car you want but these days it seems that more and more celebrities are turning to Audi for there celebrity rides!  Check out Ben Stiller hoping out in his new Audi Q7.

Ben Stiller Audi Q7

Jude Law Chooses Audi

Is it me or is everyone driving Audi’s these days. Gisele, BJ Novak, Ben Affleck, they all are rolling fresh Audi whips. Anyways I don’t even know who this guy is or why he’d be famous but I guess he is back home in London after a big trip to the states and you can see he is choosing to be lazy while riding shotgun in this Audi A8.

UPDATE: I was completely wrong regarding Jude Law being Lazy and riding shotgun. As a few of you have pointed out cars in England are RHD… Yah, I’m an idiot.

Jude Law Audi A8
Who is he anyways?

Gisele Sporting Her Audi A8L

You guys were very close but I don’t believe anyone was dead on. Maybe this photo will settle the score.

Gisele in her Audi A8L.
Gisele Sporting Her Audi A8L
As you can see Gisele is pretty distraught that none of you guessed it right.

Jessica Beil Does It All With Her Audi TT

Most celebrities these days have two or three cars. They run around LA burning un-needed gasoline and half the time they don’t even look good doing it. But Jessica Beil on the other hand does it right. Taking the dog out for a run… just load him up in the Audi TT sports car. Sure it only holds two people but do you really need an Escalade to run your dog to the park?

Jessica Biel Audi TT

BJ Novak Toasts To His New Audi A5

BJ Novak (aka Ryan from The Office) is a pretty plain guy but when it came to picking up a new ride he stepped up while keeping it modest with the Audi A5 rather than running around in a Bentley or something else uber celeb style. Rumor is that the Audi A5’s are a dime-a-dozen down in LA but I gonna have to say it’s nearly perfect in my eyes. Good choice TEMP!

BJ Novak  New Audi A5