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Jason Statham and Audi S8 Is About As Synonymous As The Carpets Matching The Curtains

I’m pretty sure we all know what the point is.

Jason Statham and the Audi S8.

Jason Statham's Audi S8

Hat tip to Donald Trump for the photo!

Zac Efron Picks Up an Audi S5 Cabrio

I’ve always thought Zac Efron was a little too much of a girl and when he chose the Audi S5 Cabrio it sealed the deal. Don’t get me wrong, the S5 is an amazing car after all I still have sellers remorse for selling my Audi A5, but what guy in their right mind thinks the cabrio is attractive. It looses all it’s masculinity the second you loose the C-pillar.

What do you think of Zac’s new ride?

Zac Efron's Audi S5 Cabrio

Anne Hathaway: A5 vs Hipster

Apparently Anne Hathaway was involved in a car accident today with a hipster on a purple bike with white Aerospoke wheels and pink pedals… I hope her A5 is okay. Apparently the hipster tried catching his fall but his jeans were to tight so he couldn’t actually move his legs. And no he did not mess up his hair and heaven forbid wear a helmet.

Anne Hathaway: A5 vs Hipster

Bike Snob better be all over this!

Justin Timberlake Sporting An Audi Q7 and Y3s

I’ve seen Justin in his Bentley before and I’m sure he has another five to ten cars but it looks like he’s a big fan of Audi. Here I spotted him with his Audi Q7 S-Line (while also sporting some sick Y3 shoes).

Justin Timberlake Sporting An Audi Q7

Here is another pic I found of him and an Audi A8 via X17.
Justin Timberlake Sporting An Audi A8

Taylor Lautner Takes Taylor Swift Out Ironman Style

When you’re taking out Taylor Swift you have to have your car game done right so Taylor Lautner ditched the plain-jane BMW 5-Series and pulled out the Audi R8.

Taylor Lautner Audi R8

Doesn’t Taylor and Swifty look hot in the R8!
Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift in Audi R8