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James Corden Running Errands In His Audi S8

James Corden was recently spotted hopping into his Audi S8 while doing some casual shopping in Beverly Hills. The big luxury cruiser is a perfect choice for riding around the 90210 in style, and being in total comfort while doing it!



Source (Zimbio)

Joel Madden Has An Affinity for Audi

Looks like Joel Madden is thinking about the new Audi S8 based on this photo he shared where he cropped out his wife Nicole Richie claiming the S8 needs all the attention.

Joel Madden Audi S8

Beckham Picks Up A New Audi S8

First it was a Bentley Mulsanne and now David Beckham’s picked up a new Audi S8. Neither of them are blacked out yet but they’re still sick! Do you think he’ll black it out or do you think he’s over that look?

David Beckham Audi David Beckham Audi S8

Shout out to William for the tip!

Jason Statham and Audi S8 Is About As Synonymous As The Carpets Matching The Curtains

I’m pretty sure we all know what the point is.

Jason Statham and the Audi S8.

Jason Statham's Audi S8

Hat tip to Donald Trump for the photo!

Tim Allen’s Audi S8 on Ebay

Tim Allen‘s never seems to amaze me with his choice of rides. A couple year’s back it was his blacked out Z06 on eBay and now it’s his his Audi S8. If you’re in the market for an Audi a used S8 is a killer deal these days. I know I’m watching them and dreaming.

Tim Allen Audi S8

See it on eBay