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Last Weeks ‘Guess Who’ – Anderson Cooper

Last weeks ‘Guess Who’ was Anderson Cooper getting out of a cab in NYC.

Anderson Cooper Taxi

Anderson Cooper

Celebrity Taxi Report: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba tried to keep it real recently by taking a ride in the backseat of a cab.

Jessica Alba Taxi


Celebrity Taxi Report – Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr, one of People magazine’s 2010 “100 Most Beautiful People in the World” was spotted getting out of a taxi in NYC recently. Even beautiful celebrities have to ride in a taxi just like the rest of us sometimes.

Jessica Szohr Taxi

Celebrity Taxi Report: Kim Kardashian

Whaaaat? Kim Kardashian in the backseat of your average NYC yellow taxi cab? We thought we’d never see the day but it’s true — Kim was spotted stepping out of the backseat of a cab with a friend in NYC. Guess her driver was tied up for the day…

Kim Kardashian NYC Taxi

Celebrity Taxi Report: Mariah Carey Is That You?

Hold up. Where’s the Rolls Royce? This can’t be true…new mom Mariah Carey was spotted stepping out of a taxi in NYC recently. We do see a lot of celebrities in taxis but we just never thought we’d see the diva herself in the backseat of a yellow cab!