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Justin Bieber’s T-Rex Sells On eBay

Looks like Rob Dyrdek’s 2007 Campagna T-Rex 14R that he gifted to Justin Bieber back in 2011 really gets around! The T-Rex was sold through a charity auction recently and the guy that bought it has already turned it around. It was listed on eBay and sold for $35,000.

Prior to Dyrdek gifting the T-Rex to Beiber, Dyrdek had the T-Rex vinyl wrapped in purple with logo “JB” and quote “Make Your Own Luck” on the body. Now some teenage girl probably has it sitting in her dads garage…

Justin Bieber T-Rex

Justin Bieber T-Rex

Want To Own Jon Olsson’s R8 Beast?

Yep, it’s true. If you want to buy Jon Olsson’s badass Audi R8 snow machine now you can. “Why dont I sell my R8 and build a new one?” say’s Olsson in his latest blog post. If this R8 isn’t badass enough we don’t know what is!

So that’s it, just like that he’s selling his R8. So if you’re interested check out his blog post here. All you have to do is shoot him an email (listed in his post) and he’ll get back to you — serious buyers only (we’re assuming). Why’s he selling this beautiful machine? He wants more of a raw race car feeling that’s “super uncomfortable but possibly even faster then this one”. If only it was this simple for all of us…for now we’ll continue drooling over the photos below.

Jon Olsson Audi R8 For Sale

Jon Olsson Audi

Jon Olsson Audi R8



John Mayer Says Goodbye To His Ford GT

John Mayer’s Ford GT is up for grabs on eBay with a buy it now price set at $265,000. Now that Mayer’s left behind his party days and moved to a ranch in Montana he’s probably spending more time in his Defender.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

John Mayer Ford GT

John Mayer Ford GT

John Mayer Ford GT

Mayer filling up his GT at a gas station in Hollywood.

John Mayer Ford GT Car


Mark Wahlberg’s Cadillac Escalade Gets The Boot

Looks like Mark Wahlberg’s moving on to bigger and better things (not that you can get much bigger when you’re talking about an Escalade ESV). Wahlberg’s Cadillac Escalade ESV customized by the guys at West Coast Customs is up for auction on eBay with a starting bid placed at $75,000 and a buy it now at a whopping $129,750.

We’re not sure it’s better than Beckham’s Escalade ESV on the outside but the interior of this thing is crazy.

Check out the full gallery and listing here.

Mark Wahlberg Cadillac Escalade

Mark Wahlberg Cadillac

Scott Disick’s Selling His Chrome Audi R8

Looks like Scott Disick‘s unloading another ride and this time it’s his chrome wrapped Audi R8 that we spotted Kim Kardashian borrowing recently. Disick’s flashy R8 is up for grabs through Calabasas Luxury Motorcars with a ‘buy it now’ set at $134,995 on eBay.

Why do you think Disick’s gone through so many rides lately?

Scott Disick Audi R8

Scott Disick's Chrome Audi R8

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