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Want To Own Jon Olsson’s R8 Beast?

Yep, it’s true. If you want to buy Jon Olsson’s badass Audi R8 snow machine now you can. “Why dont I sell my R8 and build a new one?” say’s Olsson in his latest blog post. If this R8 isn’t badass enough we don’t know what is!

So that’s it, just like that he’s selling his R8. So if you’re interested check out his blog post here. All you have to do is shoot him an email (listed in his post) and he’ll get back to you — serious buyers only (we’re assuming). Why’s he selling this beautiful machine? He wants more of a raw race car feeling that’s “super uncomfortable but possibly even faster then this one”. If only it was this simple for all of us…for now we’ll continue drooling over the photos below.

Jon Olsson Audi R8 For Sale

Jon Olsson Audi

Jon Olsson Audi R8



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