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Bill Gates’ 1979 Porsche Turbo Sells For $80,000 At Auction

This 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo once owned by Bill Gates sold today for just under $80,000 at auction. Gates purchased the car four years after founding Microsoft but later sold it in the ’90’s. The car then recently resurfaced and was put up for auction with Gates’ signed registration included.

Even though Bill still drives the kids around in a minivan from time to time it’s nice to know that deep down he has good taste in cars.

Would you pay $80,000 to own Bill Gates’ old Porsche Turbo?

Bill Gates Porsche Turbo

Bill Gates Porsche Turbo

First Man On The Moon: Neil Armstrong’s 1967 Corvette

This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 coupe was once owned by astronaut and first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Back in the day Corvettes were offered to US astronauts by Jim Rathman Chevrolet in Melbourne, Florida. The program provided Corvettes to astronauts who would keep them for a year and then turn them in for a new one after their year was up. Not a bad deal! This Corvette was delivered to Armstrong on December 15, 1966. Once his year was over the car was then purchased by a NASA employee, who stopped driving it in 1981, stored it in a “climate controlled environment” and then sold it to the current owner just a couple months ago. The car is currently up for auction on eBay.

Bidding is currently up to $249,990. Rust, dust and all. We’re guessing the current owner didn’t throw down this kinda cash to tow it out of the previous owners garage. Just sayin’.

Neil Armstrong Chevrolet Corvette

Neil Armstrong Corvette

Hines Ward Kicks His Aston Martin DBS And His S550 To The Curb

Looks like former NFL wide receiver, Hines Ward is doing a little spring cleaning. Ward recently put his house up for sale and now he’s getting rid of his 2009 Aston Martin DBS. Check out the full eBay listing and more photos here.

**Update** (thanks to Andrew) Hines is also selling his white Mercedes-Benz S550 (find photo below). We also heard that he recently sold his house so maybe he’s leaving the country? So basically you can just live like Hines and pick up his house, his DBS and his S550. Who knows what else he’s selling…

Hines Ward

Hines Ward Aston Martin DBS

Hines Ward Mercedes Benz

Shout out to Ken for the tip!

Would You Buy This 1998 Mercedes-Benz 500-Series For $1 Million?

Yep, that’s right, a 1998 Mercedes-Benz 500-Series with a “Buy It Now” on eBay for 1 million dollars. According to the eBay listing, cartoonist Charles Shultz owned this car until his death and the current owner acquired the car from Shultz’s estate in 2005. The listing also notes that the car could benefit from several minor repairs including: a new antenna motor, rear shocks, left front turn signal clip, dash lights, and the driver side door stop is broken which caused a small ding. I guess if you have 1 million dollars and you want the car that bad those minor fixes probably wont hold you back…?

Any takers out there?? Check out the full listing and more photos (a total of all 4) here.

Charles Shultz Mercedes Benz

Tim McGraw’s Dodge Charger SRT-8 For Sale

A lot of times when a car is listed for sale on eBay that says celebrity owned or owned by who’s who, we have a damn hard time figuring out if it’s real or not. Luckly for us we can say this is Tim McGraw’s Dodge Charger SRT-8 for sale on eBay.

Not only is it a Dodge Charger SRT-8 but it’s been modified by Hennessey and is pushing 652 horsepower. It has hideous wheels and some very lame flames down the site but it also has Tim McGraw’s signature on the dash and Tim’s name on the the title which is pretty cool.

Tim McGraw's Dodge Charger for sale on eBay

Tim McGraws Dodge Charger for sale on eBay with autograph

Tim McGraws Name on the Title of His Dodge Charger SRT8