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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Leftovers Don’t Come Cheap

Want to feel like The Terminator for a day? Now you can. At just under $93k you can own Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Ferrari For Sale











Arnold Schwarzenegger Ferrari For Sale

All Range Rovers Should Look Like This…

Get your hands on this bad ass flat black supercharged Range Rover on eBay. The car is customized by the guys at Platinum Motorsport and nothing…we mean nothing was left out on this one! Normally we hate on Rovers since they can be so overdone among celebrities but this one is siiiick. Would you rock it?

Range Rover For Sale












Take a look at the full listing here for more photos and details.

Platinum Motorsports Range Rover

Who’s Car Is This??

This 2008 Mercedes-Benz G500 is up for sale on eBay but as usual they aren’t disclosing the name of the celebrity. Can you guess who’s G-Wagon it is just by the embroidered headrests?

Check out more photos here.

Custom G Wagon

Mercedes G Wagon

Jerry Bruckheimer’s Left Overs

Everyone knows that you can pick up some pretty sweet older Ferrari’s for less than the Toyota swagger-wagon these days and when you add a little celebrity ownership into the mix it’s a hard toss up.  Some would argue that it might even be money in the bank.

Case and point, Jerry Bruckheimer’s Ferrari 348 TS with a buy it now of $40K.  See it here!

Jerry Bruckheimer's Ferrari on eBay

And like always you can see more celebrity owned cars for sale using the link in top navigation.

Pauly Sr.’s “Hurst Edition” Pontiac Trans Am

You need to have a lot of extra cash laying around or a slightly odd fascination with Trans Am’s to buy this one.

Paul Teutul A.K.A Pauly Sr. from American Choppers is selling this one of a kind “Hurst Edition” Trans Am. The car was built by Trans Am Depot and featured on American Choppers and the cover of Performance Pontiac Magazine. We’ll probably pass but if you have $125,000 laying around somewhere and would like a Trans Am for your garage it’s all yours. Take a look at the full eBay listing and more photos here.

Pauly Sr. Hurst Edition Pontiac Trans Am

Pauly Sr. Trans Am Hurst Edition

Pauly Sr. Trans Am Hurst Edition