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The Mercedes CL that put Rob Dyrdek on the C List

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL C-Lister

For anyone that is a fan of the “Rob & Big” MTV reality show you are sure to have seen the episode when Rob Dyrdek gets featured in a Wall Street Journal article on the front page for his tie to a previously owned car of his, a Mercedes CL 500.

Rob was upset because he was referred to as a “C” List celebrity after the owner used Rob’s named to help hype the car’s sale.

The article stats…

“Rob Dyrdek, a 32-year-old professional skateboarder and MTV reality-show star, got a recent reminder of how low he is on the celebrity totem pole.

Last month Mr. Dyrdek, who stars in the show “Rob and Big,” gave a friend permission to use his name to peddle Mr. Dyrdek’s old car, a 2000 Mercedes-Benz CL500, on eBay. The highest bid: $29,600, nearly $9,000 below the Kelley Blue Book value. “I ain’t Brad Pitt, and this ain’t Donald Trump’s CL,” Mr. Dyrdek concedes. His friend, who now owns the car, plans to relist it in the next few weeks.”

Rob also then takes some gruff from his mom who refers to him as a “loser”.

Either way, the car is still for sale and can be seen HERE.

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Up Close

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Rear Name

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Rear End

Rob Dyrdek's Mercedes CL Interior

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