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You Can Own Dr. Atkins Fiat

Yep, here’s your chance to own Dr. Atkins’ Fiat Pininifarina Spider. I mean who doesn’t want to own a car once owned by the creator of the Atkins Diet?  And to be honest, it’s actually a pretty rare car!

As usual, you can find it on eBay!

Dr Atkin's Fiat

Solved The Mystery – Number 5 The Natural

If you recall there was a nice Caddy that we featured a few weeks ago that was for sale on eBay. It had a pretty cool custom trunk but was customized to the owner’s liking. Only bad thing was that we had no idea who the owner was. One guess was Brandon Roy but I vetoed that cause I went to school with Brandon and have an idea of what he’s driving. But as luck would have it “The Natural” is selling another car and this time they are telling us who he is.

Here is the sick Buick Electra he is selling on eBay with a similar trunk.

Solved The Mystery – Number 5 The Natural

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Who Is Young Berg? Figure that out and you can buy his car!

I’ve got no idea who he is but I don’t doubt that he’s a wrapper. Either way I must say the car looks pretty good. The color is not my style and the wheels aren’t my flavor but it’s a hot car and doesn’t look retarded… except the license plate and frame.

And yes, you can buy it on eBay!

Young Berg's Bentley

Who Owns/Owned This Car

I’ve found a pretty clean Cadillac for sale on eBay that was apparently owned by a basektball player but I can’t figure out who the player was.

#5 and I would assume has the nickname “The Natural”

Who owns/owned this car?

Who owns/owned this car?

Just Cause You Made Money Doesn’t Mean You Are A Celebrity

This Ferrari 355 on eBay made me laugh especially since it claims it was celebrity owned! The supposed celebrity, Denny Zager.


Just Cause You Made Money Doesn’t Mean You Are A Celebrity