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Ethan Moreau’s Mercedes-Benz CL63

NHL player Ethan Moreau’s Mercedes-Benz CL63 is up for grabs on eBay. Ethan recently signed a one year contract with the Los Angeles Kings so why not upgrade the ride while he’s at it. We’re loving the CL63 but we’re sure whatever Ethan’s in now probably isn’t too shabby either since his contract is for around $600,000.

What do you think of the wheels? The winning bidder can have them with the car for just under $5,000. Would you keep them or loose them? Check out the eBay listing and more photos here.

Ethan Moreau

Ethan Moreau Mercedes Benz CL63

Who’s Selling This Bentley Continental?

This blacked out 2008 Bentley Continental GTCis currently listed for sale on eBay as “celebrity owned” but doesn’t actually disclose the celebrity name. Can you tell who’s ride this is by the photos? Check out the listing here.

Bentley Continental









Celebrity Bentley

Anotonio Margarito Kicks His Mercedes ML63 To The Curb

Antonio Margarito

Boxing champ Antonio Margarito’s black Mercedes-Benz ML63 is up for grabs on eBay. Even though the ML has a definite “soccer mom” look to it the ML63 does pack the power so we’re surprised we don’t see more celebrities running around in the ML63. Check out Margarito’s ML63 here!

Antonio Margarito Mercedes Benz ML63

Mr. Arab Is Already Dumping Beckham’s Old Porsche??

Looks like Adam Sabbagh can’t really handle this “low fast car”. So if you missed your chance at Beckham’s Porsche Turbo last time it looks like you can have another shot.

Adam Sabbagh David Beckham Porsche Turbo

Sabbagh picked up Beckham’s customized Porsche Turbo only 2 months ago but as of today the car is already up for sale again on eBay. There has to be some sort of story behind this one…if only we knew! Check out the eBay listing here.

David Beckham Adam Sabbagh Porsche Turbo

Feel What It’s Like To Be Cortland Finnegan In This BMW

A football player with classy taste?? Is this for real?

Cortland Finnegan

Our friends over at Eurocar are selling this beautiful BMW 750Li owned by Tennessee Titan defensive back Cortland Finnegan. We’re loving the black exterior and white interior look. Take a look at the eBay listing here.

Cortland Finnegan BMW

Cortland Finnegan BMW Interior