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Guess Who

Can you guess who’s getting into this Audi Q7?

Guess Who

Untitled Jersey City Project is On Our Radar And So Is The Audi A6

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine.

We’ll admit that ever since Entourage went off the air we’ve been waiting for something like the Untitled Jersey City Project.  You see for us to love a show not only does it have to be dramatic and hook us it also has to have nice rides and the Audi A6 is fits the mold very well.  The A6 body is all new for 2012 and was the last of the lineup to receive the newest Audi make-over.  It evokes the same desire as the A5 did when it first came out and you can read more about it at motors.co.uk.  They took something that was working (LEDs in the headlights IMO) and dressed each car up with their own unique headlights.

With that said the new A6 isn’t the most affordable retailing in the high $60s and low $70s. You might need to call uncle Jason Stathom and ask for a little loan. But enough about that, watch the video and let us know what you think.

Untitled Jersey City Project

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Jessica Biel Valets Her Audi Q7

Jessica Biel is a big Audi fan so it’s no surprise that she’s picked up a new Audi Q7 for her daily driver. Jessica was spotted valeting the white Q7 before meeting up with a friend recently.

Jessica Biel Audi Q7

Hugh Jackman: Audi For Life

Hugh Jackman’s newest film Real Steel hit theaters this weekend. We recently came across this video of Jackman talking about Audi and rolling up in an R8. From the sound of it, Jackman is a huge fan and we can’t blame him (who isn’t these days). He was also just named Audi’s newest Brand Ambassador…not a bad gig huh…

As a daily, Jackman drives the Audi Q7 because he says it’s got room for the kids but also has pickup. We like the way this guy thinks!

**Fun fact** Jackman is also a certified stunt driver so he really knows what he’s doing unlike some other celebs out there on the road.

Vanessa Hudgens’ New Audi Didn’t Last Long

Vanessa Hudgens recently picked up a new Audi S5 and from the looks of these photos it sure didn’t take long for it to get smashed up. L.A. driving combined with a little young Hollywood = nice cars don’t have a chance these days…

Vanessa Hudgens Audi S5











Vanessa Hudgens Audi S5 Crashed