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What’s Jessica Biel Driving?

Can you guess what kind of car Jessica Biel was spotted getting into recently?

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Jessica Biel: Errands In The Audi

Longtime Audi lover, Jessica Biel was spotted running errands in her white Audi Q7 last week. More celebrities need Q7’s!

Jessica Biel Audi Q7



Justin Timberlake Valets Jessica’s Audi

Justin Timberlake was spotted valeting Jessica Biel’s white Audi Q7 over the weekend.

Justin Timberlake Audi Q7

Jessica Biel Valets Her Audi Q7

Jessica Biel is a big Audi fan so it’s no surprise that she’s picked up a new Audi Q7 for her daily driver. Jessica was spotted valeting the white Q7 before meeting up with a friend recently.

Jessica Biel Audi Q7

Jessica Biel Runs Around In Her Audi

Jessica Biel walked over to her blacked out Audi after leaving a friends house in Los Angeles this week.

Jessica Biel Audi

Jessica Biel Audi

Source: X17 Online