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Spotted: Sandra Bullock In An Audi

Usually we see Sandra Bullock getting into or out of the backseat of a black SUV but here we spotted her getting out of an Audi A6 wagon. For how much money Sandra Bullock has you’d never know it by what she drives (or rides in).

Sandra Bullock Audi A6

Liev Schreiber Is An Audi Man

Liev Schreiber was recently spotted rocking his surfboard in the back of a red Audi Q7. Can’t say we’re huge fans of the red on the Q7. What do you think?

Liev Schreiber Audi Q7
















Liev Schreiber Audi Q7

Kate Gosselin Gets A New Audi

In our opinion Kate Gosselin’s minute of fame came to an end a while ago but now that her show (that no one watches) has been canceled, Kate’s future is officially up in the air. In this recent photo, Kate was spotted getting out of a new Audi TT before heading for the gym. We’re guessing she dropped the cash for this car before she knew her show was going to be canceled….oops. No one’s getting pizza now.

Kate Gosselin Audi TT

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: Audi Couple

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux were spotted running around in Justin’s Audi.

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Audi

Source: X17 Online

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Pulled Over In Her Audi

It sure didn’t take Vanessa Hudgens long to get pulled over in her new Audi S5. From the look on her face it doesn’t look like Vanessa’s going to get off the hook on this one.

Vanessa Hudgens Audi S5