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Katherine Heigl’s Morning Coffee Run In Her Audi

Is this a new fashion trend we don’t know about? Katherine Heigl stepped out of her Audi Q5 in her pajamas with her morning coffee in hand. The pajamas aren’t great but we like the Q5.

Katherine Heigl Audi Q5

Lindsay Lohan: Run In With A Cop…Again.

Can a girl catch a break? Lindsay Lohan was pulled over in her Audi A5 after her court date this week while apparently running through a stop sign in Los Angeles. No word on whether or not she actually got a ticket.

Lindsay Lohan Audi A5


Source: X17 Online

Last Weeks Guess Who – Miranda Kerr

Last weeks mystery celebrity was Miranda Kerr stepping into her Audi A8.

Miranda Kerr Audi A8


Miranda Kerr Audi A8

Shakira Gets A Ride To The Airport In An Audi

Shakira was recently spotted hitching a ride to the airport from her rumored boyfriend and soccer player Gerard Pique in his Audi. Audi gave all FC Barcelona players Audi’s just for playing on the team last season. Must be nice.

Shakira Gerard Pique Audi

Elle Macpherson Travels Down Under In An Audi

Supermodel Elle Macpherson and her son were spotted getting out of an Audi Q7 before boarding a friends yacht in the Sydney Harbor in Sydney Australia.

Elle Macpherson Audi Q7