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Lindsay Lohan Drives Her Mom In An Audi

Audi’s just giving cars away these days! We’ve seen more and more celebrities driving Audi’s and now even Lindsay Lohan’s driving one. She and her mom Dina were spotted driving through Beverly Hills the other day in an Audi A5. Wonder if this car is here to stay or not?

Lindsay Lohan Audi A5

Anne Hathaway Grabs Coffee In An Audi

Anne Hathaway was spotted leaving a coffee shop with her boyfriend Adam Shulman in his Audi A5 which originally made headlines for running into a bike riding hipster paparazzi a couple years ago.

Anne Hathaway Audi A5

Source: Just Jared

Jessica Alba Runs Errands In Her Audi

Watch those door dings. Jessica Alba was recently spotted running errands in an Audi Q7 TDI. Wonder if she kicked her Yukon hybrid to the curb for a TDI?

Jessica Alba Audi Q7 TDI

Jessica Alba Audi Q7 TDI

Zac Efron Stops To Fill It Up

Zac Efron was recently spotted at a Los Angeles gas station filling up his Audi S6.

Zac Efron Audi S6

Source: Just Jared

Orlando Bloom’s Audi In For Repairs

Orlando Bloom recently took a trip to the Audi service shop for what was said to be a small repair to the rear view mirror in his Audi A8.

Orlando Bloom Audi A8

Source: Just Jared