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Kendall Jenner Loads Her Dog Into Her Rover

Kendall Jenner has a new puppy and he's not exactly small. Kendall was spotted with the new dog in her Range Rover earlier this week and just from the looks of it, I'm going to say it wont be long before this dog ruins the interior of her Rover.

Kendall Jenner Range Rover

David Beckham Crashes His Range Rover

David Beckham was pulling out of his driveway in Beverly Hills this weekend when he crashed his Range Rover into an oncoming car. From the looks of it, everyone involved walked away unhurt but the cars are going to need some TLC. The front bumper on Beckham's Rover was completely ripped off and was dragging along with him as he drove the car back up his driveway. At least the Beckham's have plenty of cars to hold them over.

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Justin Tucker Kicking It In a Range Rover Sport

Justin Tucker is a kicker for the Baltimore Ravens and when he's not watching the play from the sidelines, he's sporting a Range Rover Sport around Baltimore.

Justin Tucker Kicking It In a Range Rover Sport

Reggie Miller’s New Range Rover

Reggie Miller might have the new Range Rover but it sure didn't take him long to break it in. Reggie was spotted getting into his new Rover in L.A. recently. Hopefully he finds a car wash soon because this thing needs a good detail.

Reggie Miller Range Rover

(Photo: Zimbio)

Aaron Paul Heads To The Airport In His Rover

While I was sitting at home last night wishing Breaking Bad was still on, Aaron Paul was at the airport in his Range Rover Sport. Paul's wife, Lauren was spotted dropping him off at LAX and driving away in their Rover. Between this Rover and the Lamborghini Aventador we've also seen him driving, I'd say his off-screen car game is a definite step up from his on-screen Tercel.

Aaron Paul Range Rover Sport

Aaron Paul Range Rover

(Photos: Zimbio)

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