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South Florida Artist Not On The Hood of His Car

For once we see a South Florida rap artist not on his hood.

ACE HOOD Range Rover

But keep in mind this is the last time we saw him so for all we know, this might have been a photo just before he jumped on the hood shirtless to take a photo 🙂

Ace Hood Shirtless on his Porsche Panamera

Source: Instagram

Ashley Benson’s Rollin’ in a New Range Rover

Before now, the only car we’d ever seen Pretty Little Liars star, Ashely Benson driving was this Audi S5. There’s definitely nothing wrong with the S5, but it’s nice to see Ashley’s added a new car to her collection. Ashley was spotted getting into her new Range Rover in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Photo (Zimbio)

Cristiano Ronaldo Adds a Couple New Rides To His Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo has a habit of taking photos next to his car before starting his day (like this one with his Rolls Royce Ghost). Honestly, the photos put out a border line Jersey Shore, “hey, look how good I look today and check out my car” kind of a vibe but whatever. There’s no denying Ronaldo always has sick cars in his ever-changing lineup and these two most recent additions are no exception.

Here’s Ronaldo posing with his new Mercedes-Benz S-Coupe.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mercedes Benz

Ronaldo with his new Range Rover Sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo Range Rover

Photos (@cristiano)

Spotted: Gigi Hadid Stepping Into Her Range Rover

Model, Gigi Hadid was spotted stepping into her silver Range Rover in Hollywood recently while her boyfriend, Joe Jonas was hanging out in the passenger seat.

Photo (Zimbio)

Austin Mahone Changes His Rover Again

We thought it couldn’t get any worse than before, but it has. Austin Mahone decided to change the wrap on his Range Rover again and it’s brighter and more hideous than before.


Austin Mahone Range Rover

Austin Mahone Rover
Photos (@austinmahone)

Here’s a photo of the Rover before:
Austin Mahone Range Rover
Shout out to Ashley for the tip