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Soccer Player Emmanuel Adebayor Shows Off His Fisker Karma

Soccer player Emmanuel Adebayor stopped by Asanti Wheels last week for a photo shoot with his Aston Martin DBS and Fisker Karma. Check out the video below.

Emmanuel Adebayor Aston Martin

Emmanuel Adebayor Fisker Karma

5 Responses to Soccer Player Emmanuel Adebayor Shows Off His Fisker Karma

  1. Ben says:

    After the consistent subpar ratings these tin cans have received, I’m surprised so many people are still buying them. Not to mention they’re very unattractive cars, in my opinion.

  2. neeb says:

    Are you talking about the Fisker Karma. Do you realize much of being a celebrity or athlete is about PR?

  3. Ben says:

    @neeb I’m aware. However, if PR is front and center, don’t you think they would have multiple options to choose from? My initial question was with all car options a lot of these people have, I am shocked they would pick such a low performacne car with terrible quality.

  4. noble ibeji says:

    with the kind of money he earns and must have earned playing for top clubs like arsenal,real madrid,tottenham and manchester city,he deserves drive the best of what ever he desires.

  5. asdf says:

    hopefully u mean Aston Martin

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