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Jonathan Cheban Drives Around In a Fisker Karma

Didn’t anyone tell Jonathan Cheban that Fiskers are out and Tesla’s are in? Apparently not, because Cheban is driving around in a new Fisker Karma (thanks to this dealership he has a connection with). He probably wont be driving it for long until he has to return it to the dealership anyway.

Jonathan Cheban Fisker Karma

Oh and it has this horrible interior…

Fisker Karma Interior

(Photos: Instagram)

Shout out to Jensen for the tip

Beto Perez’s Fisker Karma by Alex Vega

When you are the founder of Zumba you can’t just drive a Toyota Corolla.  You need something vibrant and different and what better way to be vibrant then driving a near bankrupt Fisker Karma.  Nonetheless I like the red paint-job and matching wheels from Alex Vega and The Auto Firm.

beto perez fisker karma

zumba fisker karma

Celebrities and Their Green Cars

Justin Bieber Fisker Karma

When we think celebrity cars, we largely think of one of two things; supercars and massive SUVs. In either case, efficiency is not for the taking. Reality though paints a much different picture, and if we pay attention to The Sunset Strip, we could see a few smaller, eco-friendly rides weaving through traffic with the Aston Martins and Escalades. Hollywood is known for its “slacktivist” causes, but when it comes to eco-friendly motoring, there are a few out there who are the real deal. Here are six:

Jay Leno - Chevrolet Volt

Jay Leno – Chevy Volt

When it comes to cars in Hollywood, Jay Leno is amongst the best of the best, sporting one of the most prolific private car collections in the country. When EVs hit the consumer market, Leno jumped in with both feet and has driven nearly every one on the market. His electrified ride of choice however, has remained the Chevy Volt.

George Clooney - Tesla Roadster

George Clooney – Tesla Roadster

Like Leno, George Clooney buys domestic, but opts for a bit more performance with his $100,000 + Tesla Roadster. Clooney is in good company though, as the Roadster seems to be the EV of choice for quite a few A-Listers; Matt Damon, Anthony Kiedis, and Will.i.am have all been spotted driving the high-performance coupe around Hollywood. Not to be left out, Jay Leno also sports one of these beasts in his collection.

Sir Paul McCartney Lexus LS600h

Sir Paul McCartney – Lexus LS600h

An eco-friendly car literally fit for a Knight, the LS600h is powered by a gargantuan 5 liter V8 engine with the assistance of two electric motors, and according to Edmunds, it barely sees better mileage than the non-hybrid LS. So then what makes this car suitable for environmental activist Sir Paul McCartney? The Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle rating. Sir Paul McCartney’s car collection is definitely impressive.

Leo - Fisker Karma

Leonardo DiCaprio – Fisker Karma

Leo has been a green vehicles’ advocate since 2008 when he was chauffeured to the Oscars in a Toyota Prius. He’s since been featured in a marketing campaign by Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors, but owns a Karma himself. Other famous owners past and present include Al Gore, Ashton Kutcher, Matt Damon and Justin Bieber, who received one from his manager as an 18th birthday gift.

Alyssa Milano - Nissan Leaf

Alyssa Milano – Nissan Leaf

Besides Alyssa Milano, Samantha Micelli actually owns two EVs: the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. The former teen-idol says that she was compelled to go green in the wake of the Deep Horizon oil disaster a few years back. Lance Armstrong, was also one of the first U.S. customers for the Leaf.

Larry David

Larry David – Toyota Prius

One of TVs most successful writers/creators/producers of all time, Larry David has a net worth somewhere in the high 100 millions, but still sports his Prius. David’s fictionalized self drives the car on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and so does the real-life Larry. A known environmental advocate along with his former wife Laurie, David was one of Hollywood’s earliest adapters to green motoring. He is hardly alone however, as the Prius has the Hollywood following one would expect of the first commercially viable hybrid cars to hit the U.S. market. Emily Blunt, Cameron Diaz, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Adrian Grenier, Dustin Hoffman, Harrison Ford, and Tom Hanks have all been seen driving one around.

Frank Walker Continues to Customize His Fisker Karma

When we last saw Frank Walker’s Fisker Karma he was simply sporting some 24 inch wheels and that was about it.  Now, it looks like he’s gone ahead and custom painted his wheels, blacked out the taillights and went with a gold and white grill.

What do you think of his customizations?

Frank Walker White and Gold Fisker Karma

Ice-T’s “Space Shuttle” Fisker

Ice T shared a photo of his new Fisker Karma while it was at the car wash in Vegas this past weekend. According to his caption with the photo he’s calling it the “Space Shuttle”.

Ice T Fisker Karma