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Gumball 3000: Following Josh Cartu and Jon Olsson

Of course there will be lots of great cars in this years Gumball 3000 rally but so far my favorites have been from Josh Cartu and Jon Olsson. Like you can see in the video posted the other day of Cartu’s Gumball rides, team “House of Cartu” is all set with the Ferrari F12, Ferrari 458 Spider, and the Rolls Royce Phantom Series II EWB. Meanwhile, Olsson will be rolling in his Rebellion R2K.

What ride would you want to take on Gumball?

Josh Cartu Gumball 3000

Jon Olsson Rebellion

James May Stops For Gas In A Pink Rolls Royce

Petra Ecclestone in a bright pink Rolls Royce is normal but James May filling up a pink Rolls Royce will definitely make you do a double take. Top Gear presenter, James May, along with Chris Evans, Gary Barlow, and Professor Brian Cox launched FAB1 Million by driving through England in the bright pink Rolls to raise one million pounds for Breast Cancer Care recently.

Chris Evans Gary Barlow James May Rolls Royce James May Rolls Royce

Josh Cartu Is Definitely Ready For Gumball

Josh Cartu recently posted a photo on his Facebook page with his updated garage lineup including his new Rolls Royce Phantom Series II EWB, Ferrari F12, and Ferrari 458 Italia. He posted the photo with the caption “Two horses, one carriage. 7 weeks to Gumball.” All I have to say is: two horses, one carriage, one sick garage!

Josh Cartu Cars

Cartu also added photos of his F12 with the new paint and wheels that his fans actually picked out. What do you think of the final product?

Josh Cartu Ferrari F12

Photo Source: Josh Cartu’s Facebook Page

La Toya Jackson Hops Out In A Rolls Royce

La Toya Jackson was spotted stepping into the back seat of a Rolls Royce after leaving a Hollywood restaurant earlier this week. Think she ever drives herself? Probably not if you ask me.

La Toya Jackson Rolls Royce

The Game Loves #Selfies

What’s the deal with The Game and all his selfies?  We love seeing his cars but at some point you have to ask yourself if he is dying for the attention.


The Games Rolls Royce Selfie