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Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini In Lockdown


The cops pulled over Allen Iverson in his Lamborghini recently for driving with expired dealer tags. According to reports, Iverson was in the passenger seat when the car was pulled over. Atlanta PD gave Iverson a ticket and impounded the car.

Allen Iverson Lamborghini

Luckily its good to be Allen Iverson because Iverson had backup in the form of nothing other than Rolls Royce waiting for him.

So the Lambo might be in lockdown but that doesn’t stop Iverson from rollin in style.


Source: TMZ

Snoop Dogg Rides In A Rolls Royce

Nate Dogg was laid to rest this past weekend in Long Beach, CA. Many artists showed up to pay their respects. In this photo Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante were spotted leaving the services in a Rolls Royce.

Snoop Dogg Rolls Royce

50 Cent Leaves His Workout In A Rolls Royce

We’d be motivated to go to the gym too if we knew we’d be rollin there in a Rolls Royce. 50 Cent was recently spotted leaving his morning workout in a blue Rolls Royce. Not a bad way to start your day…

50 Cent Rolls Royce

50 Cent Rolls Royce

Ride Like Rap Royalty In Suge Knights Rolls Royce

Rap mogul and car collector Suge Knight is parting ways with his classic 1991 Rolls Royce with red interior. According to the eBay auction, this is said to be Suge Knight’s first Rolls Royce he ever owned and now you can own it too. If you can get past the red interior with wood accents that is…

Check out the eBay listing here for all the details!


Suge Knight Rolls Royce

Suge Knight Rolls Royce Interior


Kim Kardashian: Night Out With The Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian had a girls night out with some friends recently and her Rolls Royce Ghost was front and center. We can’t get enough of this beautiful car. Oh yeah, and Kim doesn’t look so bad herself! Beautiful combo.

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost


Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost