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What’s Drama Doing With A Rolls Royce?

Looks like the Lamborghini just wasn’t enough for Chris “Drama” Pfaff. Drama posted a photo to Instagram of his “New Toy” recently with a Young and Reckless hat hanging from the hood ornament of the Rolls Royce Ghost.

Drama Beats Rolls Royce Drama Rolls Royce

Ray J’s Rolls Royce Unveiled At DUB

If you follow us on Facebook then you already know we were checking out the DUB show down in Miami yesterday. The Auto Firm had a few of their celebrity projects on display along with Ray J’s Rolls Royce Ghost. The car has definitely been through a lot of different looks (even a chrome wrap at one point) but the newest look was unveiled to Ray J yesterday at the show. Do you like the before or after look?

Ray J’s Rolls Royce before:

Ray J Rolls Royce Ghost

Ray J with his Rolls Royce after:

Ray J Rolls Royce

Ray J Rolls Royce

The Game Loves #Selfies

What’s the deal with The Game and all his selfies?  We love seeing his cars but at some point you have to ask yourself if he is dying for the attention.


The Games Rolls Royce Selfie

Tyga Shows Off His Ridiculous Driveway

Looks like Tyga’s Lamborghini Aventador survived from when he crashed it not too long ago. Tyga posted this photo to his Instagram of the Aventador posted up in his driveway along with his Mercedes SLS, Mercedes G-Wagon and Rolls Royce Ghost — all in white. One question, where’s he get all this money??? It’s not like he’s been around that long.

Tyga Cars

Shout out to dre and Caio for their tips!

Ray J Wraps His Rolls Royce In What?!?

What is with celebrities wrapping their cars in this hideous chrome?? The latest victim is Ray J’s Rolls Royce Ghost. What do you think of the Ghost in chrome?

Ray J Rolls Royce Ghost

Shout out to Kylin for the tip!