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Keeping Up With The Game Is A Full Time Job

Forget trying to “Keep Up With The Kardashian’s” — try to “Keep Up With The Game” instead. The Game picked up another new ride over the weekend and this time it’s a Rolls Royce Ghost. Apparently he was tired of his red Ghost and decided to switch it up. What one do you like more — his old red one or this new one? Hopefully he leaves it alone and doesn’t do anything crazy like he just did with his Bentley Continental GT.

The Game Rolls Royce Ghost

Shout out to RUFke for the photo tip!

Carlos Boozer Sees Ghosts

Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls recently sent his Rolls Royce Ghost off to Alex Vega of The Auto Firm to get hooked up.  It’s looking pretty good but even though it’s the Ghost I’d still want a driver so I could chill in the back!

carlos boozer rolls royce ghost

Ben Baller Customizes His New Rolls Royce Ghost

We knew it wouldn’t take long before Ben Baller put some special touches on his new Rolls Royce Ghost! Ben Baller had the guys over at Platinum Motorsport throw some 24” Agetro wheels with floating RR caps to top it off. As if he wasn’t ballin’ already, now he’s really living the life with this “daily driver”!

Ben Baller Rolls Royce

Ben Baller Rolls Royce Ghost

More Photos Of Petra Ecclestone’s Pink Rolls Royce

As if we hadn’t had enough bubblegum pink this week from Katie Price’s Range Rover, here’s some more photos of Petra Ecclestone’s pink Rolls Royce Ghost. Who wins the award for most obnoxious pink ride? Petra’s Ghost, Katie Price’s Rover, Paris’ Bentley, or Nicki Minaj’s Bentley?

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce Ghost

Petra Ecclestone Rolls Royce

Photos: Autogepost

Shout out to RUFke for the tip!

Kanye West Borrows Kim’s Rolls Royce

Kanye West was spotted driving Kim’s Rolls Royce around in Miami recently with the brightest red shoes we’ve ever seen.  You know things are serious when you let your boyfriend drive around in your Rolls Royce. That or you just like the publicity — hard to know with the Kardashian’s…

Kanye West Rolls Royce