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Kim Kardashian: Shop Time For The Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian and her brighter than the sun yellow bag stopped by Platinum Motorsport recently to drop off her Rolls Royce Ghost. After turning over the keys Kim stepped into the passenger seat of a friends BMW 7 Series.

What do you think Kim’s doing to her Rolls this time?

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost
















Kim Kardashian BMW 7 Series

Gisele And Tom’s Rolls Royce: A Better Look

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady stopped for in for a Father’s day lunch with their Rolls Royce Ghost over the weekend. We’re guessing this is one Rolls Royce out of very few with a car seat in the back!

Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady Rolls Royce

Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian Rides Shotgun In Her Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian showed up to a friends house in the passenger seat of her Rolls Royce Ghost. She must really trust whoever was driving because if we had a Ghost we wouldn’t let just anyone behind the wheel!

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost

Kim Kardashian Brings Her Rolls Royce To The Gym

Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving a gym in Los Angeles recently in her white Rolls Royce Ghost and what looks like a pair of pink Nike’s. Whatever they are, someone should tell Sketchers cause they don’t look like “shape-ups” to us.

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost

Kim Kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost


Source: X17 Online

Video: Inside Look At 50 Cent’s Car Collection

Check out the video below for an up close and personal tour of 50 Cent‘s Lamborghini Murcielago, Rolls Royce Ghost and Ferrari F430. Oh, and his (not too shabby) house in the Hollywood Hills that makes us want to start our own Vitamin Water line.

Thanks to one of our readers from CreamBmp for the video tip!