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Rob Kardashian Buys Blac Chyna A New Lambo Huracan!

Looks like we can say goodbye to Blac Chyna’s Audi R8 as Rob just picked up a brand new purple metallic Lamborghini Huracan for her to now cruise around in! The couple has been making headlines recently with a well publicized engagement, so a flashy new Lamborghini for the new fiancée is certainly the icing on the cake! We have to admit Rob did a pretty good job on this one! He could have gone and picked up a G-Wagon or Rolls-Royce or something else fairly predictable for Blac, but a new Lambo with a flashy yet classy color scheme really sets her apart!

What do you guys think of the new gift? Is it perfect for her or just too over the top??

Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna Lamborghini Huracan

Blac Chyna Lamborghini Huracan

Source (@blacchyna)

Rob Kardashian Shares a Photo of His New G63

The Kardashians are known for being in the spotlight 24/7 but one Kardashian has definitely been laying low lately. Between deleting everything on his Instagram account, to staying away from the cameras and even some of his family members, it’s hard to know what Rob Kardashian is doing but just last week Rob shared a photo of his new blue Mercedes G63 on Twitter.

I guess we should all start our own sock line…

Rob Kardashian G Wagon

Shout out to Zach for the tip!

Only A Kardashian Gathering Would Bring Multiple G-Wagon’s To The Party

Rob Kardashian pulled up to a family get together recently in his black Mercedes G550 and in the photo you can see Kim’s G63 too. I’m guessing Kris’ G-Wagon wasn’t far away either.

Rob Kardashian Mercedes Benz G Wagon


Rob Kardashian Gets Caught In A Speed Trap

Rob Kardashian was pulled over in what we assume is his moms new Range Rover. That or he bought one too — you never know with the Kardashian/Jenner clan (or should we say klan).

Rob Kardashian Range Rover Rob Kardashian Rover

Did Rob Kardashian Get A G-Wagon Hand-Me-Down?

Celebrity jeweler, Ben Baller posted this picture on his Instagram of Rob Kardashian hitting the gym in a blacked out Mercedes-Benz G55. Last we knew he was rolling in a blue G-Wagon but this looks like momma Jenner gave Rob her hand-me-down. What do you think?

Rob Kardashian G Wagon