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Why Is Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati Always In Trouble

It seems like Lindsay Lohan and her Maserati are always in trouble. Maybe she just needs to get a Prius.

Why Is Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati Always In Trouble
Source: TMZ

Proof, Lindsay Lohan Can’t Drive

We’ve all seen the wrecks that she’s been in but I think this latest parking job of Lindsay’s straight up shows that she can not drive.

Lindsay, please turn over the keys!
Lindsay Lohan Can't Park Her Maserati Properly

Lindsay Lohan’s Ride – Hot Story I Guess

Early this week I posted up that Lindsay Lohan has hoped out in a Mercedes SL550 not much different than her old SL65, aside from the motor and prestige that is. Well anyways I guess I’m not the only one that’s been waiting to see what she would begin pushing as the guys over the Vanity Fair have been hot in this case longer than I. Check out Brett Berk’s piece on this developing story that he put together out at the Detroit AutoShow last month.

Video by Tal McThenia

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Lindsay Lohan – Not Recession Proof, Downgrades to SL550

Well here is two pieces of news. ONE, Lindsay Lohan hand is back behind the wheel. Being that I don’t really keep track of her I guess it’s been nearly two years since she curb-surfed her Mercedes SL65 in to that tree on Sunset. TWO, it looks like the recession is hittin Miss Lohan as she is only hopin’ out in a SL550. Come on, maids drive those things in LA!

For the record I wish I could drive a SL550 🙂

Celebrity Actress Lindsay Lohan Mercedes-Benz SL550 black

Sloppy Lindsay Lohan’s Sloppy Mercedes SL 65 on eBay

What a story, the local rebuild shop buys this car from an auction, fixes it up and gets ready to slap it on the dirt car-lot only to find out there has been more tramps in this car then there is down at the local Spearmint Rhino.

Lindsay Lohan's Wrecked Mercedes SL65

Yep that’s right, this cocaine sleigh was owned by Lindsay Lohan prior to hitting the rebuild shop due to some front end damage served as a result of curb-surfing on Sunset Blvd. while allegedly riding high on the cocaine and sipping the brown bottle.

Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes SL65 on eBay

Yep, you can own this car… just hop on over to eBay.