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Lindsay Lohan At It Again: Crashes Rented Porsche

We figured it wouldn’t be long until Lindsay Lohan found herself in some sort of incident again. Lindsay crashed a rented Porsche 911 into the back of an 18 wheeler truck earlier today saying it wasn’t her fault and that the truck cut her off. Lindsay’s no stranger when it comes to crashing her cars yet she still keeps buying expensive rides (or in this case renting them) and then somehow crashing them….

Lindsay Lohan Porsche

Lindsay Lohan Porsche Crash

Photo Source: TMZ 

Shout out to Stan for the tip.

Lindsay Lohan’s A Train Wreck In Her Porsche

This. Is. Gross. Lindsay Lohan walks back to her Porsche Panamera in Hollywood looking like a complete train wreck.

Lindsay Lohan Porsche Panamera

Last Weeks Guess Who – Lindsay Lohan

Last week’s “Guess Who” was Lindsay Lohan getting into a Cadillac Escalade.

Lindsay Lohan Cadillac Escalade

Lindsay Lohan Cadillac


Lindsay Lohan Hits The Streets In Her Porsche

Not only can you catch Lindsay Lohan on the cover of the latest Playboy issue but you can also catch her running around town in her black Porsche Panamera.

Lindsay Lohan And Philipp Plein Get Cozy In A Ferrari

Lindsay Lohan and her new boss Philipp Plein seem to be getting a little cozy lately. In this photo Lindsay rode shotgun while Philipp took the wheel of what looks to be his Ferrari California. Philipp can make out with Lindsay all he wants, he just better not let her behind the wheel of his Ferrari.

Philipp Plein Lindsay Lohan Ferrari