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LiLo’s First Car and Screw-Up After Rehab: An SL550 And A Parking Ticket

As much as Lindsay Lohan does everything to remain straight as a stick when it comes to her past shenanigans, it seems that the law is right on her tail. She was fined with a $60 parking ticket  on her Mercedes-Benz SL550 for overstaying. Lindsay should be thankful that it’s not a DUI arrest and only a ticket this time. Now that she’s driving a Mercedes, maybe she’ll become more responsible? What do you think?

Lindsay lohan-parkingticket-Mercedes-Benz SL550


Lindsay Lohan’s New Porsche

Lindsay Lohan is back on her favorite hobby next to drinking and using drugs: using rented cars! She was spotted in a  brand new PorscheBoxster outside her Betty Ford retreat home.

Lindsay’s First Drive While on Rehab: a BMW

Lindsay Lohan is driving again! She was spotted with this gleaming black BMW on her way to sober class. We hope she doesn’t get too happy in that one, it would be so ironic to get arrested on the way to a sober meeting!

Celebrity Taxi Report: Lindsay Lohan

There’s no stopping Lilo as she does a quirky pose for the cameras while hopping out of a Caravan taxi.  Is that a Toyota Sienna?

Lindsay hops out of caravan taxi.

Lindsay’s Missing Her Grand Cars, Rolls in an E350

Talk ab out a rough Taxi.  How do you think Lindsay is enjoying the vans?

Lindsay Lohan Rolls in a Ford E350