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Post Malone’s Custom Old School Lincoln Continental

Post Malone definetley has a unique image so it doesn’t surprise us that his ride of choice is rather bold as well! With some help from the guys at West Coast Customs, he is now owner of a crazy all white and gold Lincoln Continental! This generation of the Continental is typically considered the most badass with its long body, low stance, and the famous rear suicide doors. This new color scheme certainly reinforces that sort of gangster appeal! We saw Kid Rock apply a similar look to his old Cadillac, and Cam Newton to his Oldsmobile, but this might have to be our favorite!

What do you guys think? Would you rock this white and gold Lincoln Continental?

Post Malone Lincoln Continental Post Malone West Coast Customs Post Malone Custom Lincoln Continental

Source (@postmalone & @westcoastcustoms)

Dax Shepard Loves His Lincoln Continental

Dax Shepard was spotted rolling up to a Hollywood party in his black Lincoln Continental recently. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Dax driving anything before and I have to say this Continental fits him perfectly. He must really love it because he even named his new daughter Lincoln. It’s definitely more exciting than his fiance, Kristen Bell’s Chevy Volt!

Dax Shepard Lincoln Continental Dax Shepard Continental

Photos: Zimbio

Chumlee’s Lincoln Continental

Chumlee cruising with Danny "The Count" Koker

Chumlee cruising with Danny “The Count” Koker

Whilst loveable buffoon Chumlee spent his Pawn Stars earnings on a Rolls Royce, a Maserati and enough shoes to put Kim Kardashian to shame, this extremely cool Lincoln Continental sat dormant at Count’s Kustoms storage shed.

Before TV hits Pawn Stars and Count’s Kustoms were even thought up, Danny “The Count” Koker took in Chumlee’s Lincoln as a restoration project. However, after Chumlee’s money ran dry, the team stopped working on the car.

A decade on, with both celebs at the height of their fame, the two came together on Count’s Kustoms to finally give the Lincoln what it deserved.

Chumlee was eventually presented with this achingly cool ride. This low rider maintains its original integrity whilst the oversized 22” chrome wire rims bring it into the 21st century.

Although Chumlee wants to flip it for cash, out of all his cars, this is the one I think suits him best.

Chumlee and The Count


Sinbad’s Rolling Around In A Navigator

Sinbad was spotted feeding a parking meter in Hollywood for his black Lincoln Navigator earlier this week. This is the first time we’ve ever spotted Sinbad with a car. Unfortunately we’re not all that impressed but I guess we can’t expect a lot when we haven’t even heard much about him in the last couple years.

Sinbad Lincoln Navigator

Sinbad Navigator

Will And Jada Run Around NYC In A Navigator

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith jump out of the back of a Lincoln Navigator in NYC.

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Lincoln Naviagtor