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Larry King Agian, We’re Watching You

Looks like Larry King just wants to show off or something.  TMZ spotted him parrallel parking on Rodeo Drive and even manged to catch him love tapping a Maserati with his Lincoln MKS.

Larry King's Lincoln MKS love taps a Maserati.

Larry, we’re watching you!

Source: TMZ

Larry King Lays Low Key in His Lincoln MKS

Sure Larry King is on national television every night but that doesn’t mean he is running around in sports cars. Turns out Larry is the laid back type of guy that prefers the modest Lincoln MKS.

Larry King and his modest Lincoln MKS

Source: My Ride

Kevin Dillon Riding Dirty in a Lincoln

Kevin, Let me first say I love you in your show Entourage but if this is really the car you drive, I’m no longer a fan and by the looks of your face in the picture, you must really not be a fan either! Check out Kevin Dillon cruising around in what appears to be a Lincoln but were really not too sure being that we don’t full run of the mill fleet cars all that much!

Kevin Dillon's Lincoln

Further humanity!
Kevin Dillon Up Close in Lincoln

Beckham in his Navigator

David, forget the Navigator, I want to see your Hummer!

beckham navigator

David Beckham has his Too: Lincoln Navigator

David Beckham Driving Navigator
Celebrity: David Beckham
Car: Lincoln Navigator

So just when I thought that Victoria would be the only one going uber custom with her Bentley, I came to find out that David Beckham just got his customized Lincoln Navigator with custom embroidery, strut like grill and some nice 24’s.

From the pictures I can see the car came from Galpin Motors, no word weather Galpin Auto Sports did the customizations but I will let you know as soon as I find out!

Also, stay tuned for the rest of his garage as soon as it is available… he still has a Black Escalade and a Black H2 all done up with Dub plates too!

David Beckham Navigator

David Beckham Navigator backside