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Rick Harrison is one of the owners of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Also known as “The Spotter,” Rick co-owns the pawn shop with his father, “Old Man” Richard Harrison. Rick is the boss of the shop, which is featured on History Channel’s reality show Pawn Stars.
The Spotter became a pawn star at a young age. Rick dropped out of high school during his sophomore year because he was making thousands of dollars per week by selling imitation Gucci bags. In 1988 and at only 23 years old, Rick opened the store with the Old Man and has been successful ever since.
Not only does Rick have an eye for golden opportunities, but he also spots good deals while avoiding bad ones. He has a knack for bringing in valuable items that may be overlooked by others. On the flip side, he has enough business sense to know when an item won’t ultimately bring any cash to the store.
This self-made man is also arguably the person that holds both the family and the business together. Owning a shop that is open 24/7 is sure to bring about stress and drama, and Rick always turns things around and makes it better. Without The Spotter, this family-owned pawn shop would be lost.

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