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Bill Graham’s 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series II XKE

Want to own a unique ride from a famed 1960’s rock concert promoter? Well here is your chance!

Bill Graham’s Jaguar E-Type Series II XKE

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Buy Sara Jean Underwood’s Ride is For Sale

Feel like owning a piece of history? Well here is your chance to buy Sara Jean Underwood’s gift from Hugh Heffner when she won Playmate of the year. Buy it out over at ebay.

Oh and if you get it we want to know if you are going to keep the plates!

Sara Jean Underwood's Mini

Daddy Rossdale Takes the Family Out in the Wagon

Just another day in paradise for Gwen, Gavin, and Family while they run around LA in their Mercedes Benz R Class.  Now I must admit that I’m not the hugest fan of the R Class but when you need to haul around the kids and Maybach and Bentley don’t have a van I guess this is what you get!

Gavin Rossdale in his Mercedes Benz R Class

Gavin, maybe you should black out that R Class?

For Sale: A Ying Yang General Lee from the Ying Yang Twins

Sometimes these celebrities don’t have the best taste and when it comes to messing with the famous General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, the Ying Yang Twins did a pretty good job messin’ it up!

Ying Yang Twins' General Lee

Ying Yang Twins show off General Lee's Engine

Ying Yang Twins' General Lee in the magazine

If you like it, you can buy it here

Buy Paul Sr’s Corvette ZO6

Here’s your chance to own a great piece of Orange County Chopper history and it’s not a bike. How about Paul Sr’s personal Corvette ZO6 done up in his bad boy style? Outside of the black wheels and custom interior I believe the car is rather stock but they again who cares if it’s stock when it’s a ZO6!

But putting that aside, is he making room for a ZR1 or is this another millionaire not comfortable with the economy and liquidating vehicles? If so, looks like he has a whole lot more in that garage to get rid of!

Source: eBay
Paul Sr. flaunting his Corvette ZO6

Paul Sr.  and his Corvette ZO6 Frontal View

Paul Sr.  and his Corvette ZO6 Interior

Paul Sr.  and his Corvette ZO6 rear end