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Barrett-Jackson to Sell Iconic Showman Danny Gans’ Car Collection in Las Vegas

Barrett-Jackson to Sell Iconic Showman Danny Gans' Car Collection in Las VegasWow, that’s real great news.  I really can’t believe this showed up on a Celebrity report.  I think this thing might as well make it’s way to the wrecking yard!  😉

SOURCE: Barrett-Jackson   Aug 16, 2010 11:03 ET Barrett-Jackson to Sell Iconic Showman Danny Gans’ Car Collection in Las Vegas

Read the whole press release after the jump if you are board! Continue Reading

Here Is Your Chance To Buy Adrien Brody’s Corvette

Apparently it’s Celebrity Cars For Sale month and Adrien Brody has jumped in to dump of his Corvette ZO6.

Leather jacket not included. 🙂  Buy it on eBay.

Adrien Brody Corvette

NFL Star Kassim Osgood’s Bentley on eBay

At first I thought this Bentley was gross but the more I look at it I’m rather impressed with the design and styling.

What is it about athletes that they have to go crazy with their cars? Does it add value in your book?

Kassim Osgood's Bentley

Tim Allen’s Audi S8 on Ebay

Tim Allen‘s never seems to amaze me with his choice of rides. A couple year’s back it was his blacked out Z06 on eBay and now it’s his his Audi S8. If you’re in the market for an Audi a used S8 is a killer deal these days. I know I’m watching them and dreaming.

Tim Allen Audi S8

See it on eBay

Ghost Busters Car For Sale on eBay

I’m expecting a little flack for this post but in my eyes the Ghost Busters car is a celebrity car by itself.

Here is all I know about it:

For sale: 1959 Cadillac with 100,000 miles.
Previous owners: Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler. Features include new tires, room for three unlicensed nuclear accelerators, customized logo on the side … oh, and room to store up to a dozen ectoplasmic entities.

See the auction over at eBay. If you buy it I will pay you a hundred bucks to get a ride in it!

Ghost Busters Car