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Ochocinco’s Custom Smart Car is Here!

We recently showed you a “before” photo of Ochocino’s new 2016 Smart Car prior to receiving a complete makeover from the guys at The Auto Firm in Miami. Ochocinco proudly boasted about the car only costing $20 to fill up and getting 55 mpg. Clearly though he felt it still needed some help in the looks department, as he chose to give it a new completely black on black on black color scheme along with some custom wheels to match.

Chad Johnson Ochocinco Smart Car Chad Johnson Ochocinco Smart

Source (@theautofirm)

Ochocinco: “Don’t Laugh at my Car”!

Ochocinco’s been rolling around in his tiny Smart Car since 2007. One quick look at his Instagram page and it’s obvious just how much he loves his Smart and now, he’s picked up the brand new 2016 model. The car is sitting at the Auto Firm in Miami and according to Ochocinco, it’ll be ready to reveal in a couple weeks.

Ya’ll know I love my Smart Car, been driving it since 2007, I just copped the new 2016 foreign joint, the homie Alex at @theautofirm will dress her up properly to my liking. Looks plain now but wait 2 more weeks, $20 to fill up & 55 miles per gallon, that’s stunting. Don’t laugh at my car, I get the same results as those driving Ferrari’s, Lambo’s & Bentley’s…”

Ochocinco Smart Car

Photo (@ochocinco)

Chad Ochocino’s Back in the Donk Game

Chad Ochocino’s owned his fair share of donks in the past. Five to be exact, but over the years he sold them and hasn’t had one in a while, until now. Ochocinco shared a photo on of this 1973 donk-ready convertible he just picked up and sent to the guys at Donk Planet. Here’s a photo of the car before. We’ll have to wait and see what the final product looks like once they’re done.

Ochocinco DonkPhoto (@ochocinco)

Ochocinco’s Cops a Marauder

Ochocinco posted photos of his customized matte black 650 horsepower “Pepe” Marauder done by the guys at The Auto Firm.  I’m a fan of the Marauder but in all honesty I think stock Maruader’s look better.  Sorry Ochocincco, no likey.

Ochocinco Cop Car

Ochocinco Crown Victoria

Chad Ochocinco’s Matte Wrap Obsession Continues

Chad Ochocino loves all things matte black, and matte gray. First it was his Rolls Royce and then his Smart Car. This time he’s got his hands on the all new Range Rover and he’s having the guys at The Auto Firm give it a full makeover.

What do you think of it?

Ochocinco posted this first photo to Instagram with the caption, “I hate cheating on my Smart Car but the ass on “Lady Bug Jones” forced me to purchase.”

Chad Ochocinco Range Rover

And this second photo with the caption “@theautofirm #alexvega Tint my windows I’d like to drive this weekend.”

Chad Ochocinco Rover