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Chad Ochocinco’s Matte Gray Rolls Royce Phantom

Chad Ochocinco was spotted getting into his matte gray Rolls Royce Phantom recently. Ochocinco had the Phantom customized a couple years ago by the guys at Platinum Motorsport and we have to say we’re loving the matte gray with black accents. What do you think?

Chad Ochocino Rolls Royce Phantom

Chad Ochocinco Rolls Royce

Chad Ochocinco Matte Gray Rolls Royce Phantom

Chad Ochocinco’s “General O.C.”

Originally Chad Ochocinco was driving around with a orange Dodge Challenger but now, Ochocinco’s switched things up and changed his Challenger to his own version of The General Lee with this Dodge Challenger named the “General O.C.”.

Which version do you like more?

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger

Chad Ochocinco Dodge Challenger SRT 8

Source: Athlete Cars